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Stephen Kromer knows that when a child comes home with an A in class, that is a reason to celebrate a wonderful moment in a family home. And that is something Kromer Investments, Inc. wants to be a part of.

“I like providing homes to my residents and trying our best to let them have great and memorable life experiences in our apartments/their home,” said Stephen Kromer, Vice President of Kromer Investments, Inc.

According to Main Street America, a philosophy, a program, and a proven comprehensive approach to downtown commercial district revitalization, Kromer Investments Inc. hits on all four of their points that lead to a practical downtown management strategy: organization, promotion, design, and economic vitality. The Main Street philosophy shows that downtown revitalization efforts must include several groups and stakeholders to be successful, and one of those groups is property owners.

Kromer Investments, Inc. has been an integral part of the Reno-Sparks community since 1998, and their impact on our city is truly impressive. With over 4,000 units throughout the Reno-Sparks area, including several in the heart of Downtown Reno, Kromer Investments has helped to shape our urban landscape and provide high-quality housing options for countless residents. Their recent completion of the stunning Eden Tower Apartments on Ralston is just one example of their commitment to excellence, and their upcoming work on the site of the old Greyhound bus station promises to be equally transformative. “The old Greyhound bus lot it will be about a five-year process,” he said. “We want to develop it into mixed use with maybe a grocery store in the same design colors as the Eden Tower Apartments. I like stone and metal work and lots of windows. The front being a coffee shop looking out onto the river and have parking in the center and two buildings with a pool on top.” Kromer Investments has also spearheaded a facade update for the neighboring Truckee River Terrace Apartments, demonstrating their dedication to enhancing the overall aesthetic of our community.

Many of Kromer Investment’s properties are right on the corner of the Downtown Reno Partnership Business Improvement District boundaries, but Kromer sees Ambassadors on a regular basis and has noticed a positive change with their presence.

“I have seen a lot less homelessness, vandalism and graffiti with the ambassador presence. The more we see them the better,” Kromer said.
Kromer Investments takes pride in providing homes for those in our community, and those moments stick out for him as highlights in his work. For any businesses considering being downtown, Kromer said he would recommend it as there is always excitement in the air, the beauty of the river and surrounding mountains is unmatched. “The good feelings when providing a safe, clean home and the feeling the excitement from a resident who has their own space and home for the first time are highlights in my work,” he said.

“We are thrilled to celebrate Kromer Investments and their continued commitment to Downtown Reno. Their investment and dedication to our community has created new housing and opportunities for local residents, while contributing to the growth and vitality of our city’s urban core. We are grateful for their positive impact and look forward to many more years of success and collaboration,” said Nathan Digangi, Economic Development Manager of the Downtown Reno Partnership.

“While other developers are sitting on the sidelines talking about making projects pencil, Stephen is continuing to build and seize opportunities. Development in Downtown Reno is critical to the continued growth and prosperity of our city. By investing in our urban core, we create new job opportunities, attract new residents and visitors, and cultivate a sense of vibrancy and energy that makes Reno a desirable destination. We encourage all those who are considering development projects to explore the possibilities that Downtown Reno has to offer and to join us in building a dynamic, thriving city that benefits all who call it home,” continued Digangi.

The Downtown Reno Partnership is committed to supporting and promoting the ongoing development of Downtown Reno. As part of this commitment, we are always available to assist with any questions or concerns related to development projects in downtown. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a first-time investor, our team is here to provide guidance, share information, and offer insights that can help ensure your project is a success. We believe that by working together, we can continue to build a vibrant and prosperous Downtown Reno that benefits everyone.

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