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Hassle-free property management.

owner services

OwnersHassle-free property management

Owners have access to comprehensive, on-call services.

Property Management
At Kromer Investments, Inc., we have what we like to call “The Owner- Managed Advantage”. In short, we treat all of the apartment communities we manage as if we own them. This translates to satisfied renters who are proud of where they live and satisfied owners and investors who rest assured they will attain a better return on investment with Kromer. We specialize in vertical management from small city studios to large 3-bedroom town homes. We own and manage several different types of communities and all have become market leaders in Reno, NV.

  • Accounting, Budgeting and Financial Reporting
  • Marketing
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Maximize Non-Rental Income
  • Advertising
  • Leasing
  • Adding Value to Asset
  • Implementing Current Technology

Purchasing Power
Our economy of scale of units owned and managed allows Kromer Investments to have a robust purchasing program to decrease costs for our clients. Through our local and international relationships, we can provide leading quality materials, services, and products at the lowest possible prices.

  • Renovation Projects
  • Adding Technology
  • Fiber Base Internet Services
  • Contract Negotiations

Our marketing division specializes in advertising, social media, digital campaigns, web design, online reputation management, and curb appeal. Through our marketing strategies, we can develop the perfect marketing plan to meet any objective. Additionally, we have local relationships and sponsorships with UNR and Reno Aces that can hit any target audience or demographic group and help brand awareness.

  • Brand Management
  • 3D Floorplans
  • Virtual Floorplans
  • Aerial Drone Videos & Photography
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Creative Content Management
  • Social Media & Reputation Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Commercial Production
  • Videography

Environmental Sustainability
We strive to develop communities that are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable to protect our planet. Our new developments have Green Globes certifications, which ensure:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Lowered Water Consumption
  • Responsible Use of Materials
  • Efficient Use of Project Team Time

Kromer Investments implements technology to reduce costs and run a more efficient property. Our software program, Rent Manager, can reduce the time spent on routine tasks and allow us to invest more in growing your business. Additionally, we can implement home automation products to any property or project successfully.

  • Communicate with residents through mass SMS text-messaging or E-mail
  • Online Payments
  • Online Work Orders
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Voice IP Integration
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Sensors
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Lights

Owner Access Portal
We use Rent Manager Software to give our clients real-time access to their assets. From the resident screening process, transaction ledgers, customizable reports, maintenance work orders, and deposited funds, everything is available at their fingertips. Accessible through your computer or mobile device, our portal will allow you to review any financial information at any time.

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Kromer Investments, Inc. provides comprehensive property management services. We have extensive expertise and time-tested techniques that have made us successful in the field of property management. With our experience in the field and adaption of innovative technologies, we provide access to everything an owner would need to make smart business decisions—lease agreements, account standings, legal changes, and much more. Contact us today