Apartments for Rent &
Affordable Condos For Rent or Sale


Apartments for Rent &
Affordable Condos For Rent or Sale


Apartments for Rent &
Affordable Condos For Rent or Sale


Apartments for Rent &
Affordable Condos For Rent or Sale


Apartments for Rent &
Affordable Condos For Rent or Sale

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ESI Security

Kromer Investments Inc is now partnered with ESI Security. They are responsible for providing our properties with safe and secure environment. We take great pride in the fact that we will have well trained patrol officers on duty after hours. Remember to report all emergencies to the 911 operator before calling the ESI Security Hotline.

ESI Security HOTLINE     1.800.339.8460

Kromer Badge If you have a question or comment and want to remain anonymous please feel free to email us at:




Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment to live, work, and play for our clients and community. We provide our clients and community with well trained officers, innovative technology, and superior services. We take a genuine interest in our clients and community, always striving to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

ESI has adopted core standards that guide us in all we do. These standards represent our goal to provide exceptional services to our clients and provide us with inspiration. We call them the gold standards because gold is a valuable and precious commodity and we consider these standards of great value. Our gold standards are to be SAFE, SECURE, COMMITTED, and INNOVATIVE in all that we do as company.


Duties and Responsibilities

1. Routinely inspects the leasing office, club houses and vacancies to ensure that all doors, windows or other entrances are securely locked.

2. Routinely inspects all outside storage areas, laundry rooms, pool and fitness facilities and locks them at the time specified in the community rules and regulations.

3. Patrols swimming pools for operation of gates, appropriate swimming attire, observance of closing hours, proper use of pool/spa, and any non-residents using the pool.

4. Patrols community and check for unusual occurrences, burned out light bulbs, and illegally/unregistered parked cars. Submit a daily report to the property manager noting any situations and occurrences along with a list of locations where light bulbs need to be replaced.

5. Handle resident lockouts as a courtesy to the residents.  Note: there is a small fee charged for this service.

6.Individual is required to perform safe work practices.

7. Promptly and effectively address any problem which could be a hazard or potentially dangerous for residents, staff, guests, and the public.  This includes condition of pool gates, fencing, lighting, trip hazards, etc..



RENO POLICE DEPARTMENT         775-677-6880

RENO FIRE DEPARTMENT              775-334-2300


SPARKS FIRE DEPARTMENT           775-353-2255